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DPA enables worldwide interoperability of products with IQRF inside. Certification is possible according to the IQRF Interoperability Standard (a draft for now). At least until the end of 2017 the certification will be free of charge.
19 Sep 2017
Antennas AN-12 and AN-13 for 433 MHz released.
13 Sep 2017
Datasheets and product pages of IQRF antennas revised and updated.
13 Sep 2017
TR-72D-433 and TR-76D-433 transceivers for 433 MHz band released.
8 Sep 2017
From 1 Sep 2017, TR-7xD transceivers will be delivered with IQRF OS v4.02D. Lower versions on request.
Antenna AN-11 for TR-7xD transceivers available.
31 Aug 2017
TR and DCTR not differentiated since Aug 2017. DPA support added for free in all TR transceivers.
Aug 2017
IQRF milestones:
  • MICRORISC (IQRF inventer/developer/manufacturer) established in 1991
  • Dealing with RF since 1996
  • IQRF introduced in 2004 at the RFM Conference in Malaga, Spain
  • MICRORISC's spin-off company IQRF Tech s.r.o. (Ltd) registered 2 Aug 2017.
IQRF Startup package for OS v4.02D released. » Release notes.
23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017
DPA v3.01 available. » Release notes.
23 Aug 2017
IQRF Quick start guide updated for IQRF OS v4.02D.
23 Aug 2017
TR-72D and TR-76D datasheets slightly revised and updated.
23 Aug 2017
CK-USB-04A and DK-EVAL-04A User' guides slightly updated.
23 Aug 2017
IQRF Startup package v170814 and IQRF IDE v4.42 has been removed due to a serious bug.
18 Aug 2017
IQRF Startup package for OS v4.01D released. » Release notes.
14 Aug 2017
14 Aug 2017
IQRF Quick start guide updated for IQRF OS v4.01D.
14 Aug 2017
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